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  • Four of the Worst Yet Common Medical Malpractice Types

    Medical experts in any field are expected to only provide the absolute best care while performing their job duties. Otherwise, a patient’s wellbeing can be lost and they may suffer serious injury or death. However, despite the constant reminder from internal and external sources to always adhere to the utmost standards of medical care and procedures, medical malpractice remains prevalent across ...
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  • Brain Injuries Caused by Medical Malpractice

    When most people hear “brain injury,” the first thing that comes to mind is a blunt trauma to the head – for example, getting a concussion while playing football or striking one’s head against the dashboard in a serious car accident . But did you know that there are other, non-traumatic ways to sustain a brain injury ? Unfortunately, medical negligence is a leading cause of anoxic or hypoxic brain ...
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  • Fetal Lacerations Caused by C-Sections

    Caesarian sections, whether planned beforehand or performed in an emergency, pose a serious risk to the baby. Sharp medical instruments may cause lacerations that can lead to a host of other problems and injuries. That is why doctors must exercise caution when performing caesarian sections to ensure the infant is unharmed during the process. Our firm has represented numerous clients to pursue ...
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  • Violations of Patient Consent

    Contact Our Missouri Medical Malpractice Attorneys Today Medical malpractice is a serious offense, often the result of a doctor or other healthcare provider acting negligently or failing to uphold the standard of care, leading to mistakes such as misdiagnoses, prescription drug errors, or birth injuries. However, medical malpractice lawsuits can also occur when a doctor administers a treatment ...
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  • How Long Do You Have To Sue a Hospital For Medical Malpractice?

    We have all entrusted our health and well-being to a medical professional at some point in our lives. While some of us are able to walk away with appreciation and respect for our caregivers, many more are left facing egregious injuries that are often preventable, affecting not only the life of the patient, but his or her family as well. If you or a loved one sustained injuries due to a medical ...
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  • How to File a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

    If you believe the injuries you suffered were a result of medical malpractice and are considering filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, there are some basic procedures you will have to follow. These cases tend to be quite complex, so it is advisable that you consult a seasoned medical malpractice attorney to help you navigate this often difficult process. First, medical malpractice encompasses a ...
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  • Failure to Perform Hypothermia Therapy

    Hypothermia therapy, which is sometimes referred to as head cooling, was approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006 and studied since the 1980s, is a life-saving and injury-preventing technique that is effective for newborn babies to reduce the effects of oxygen deprivation during birth. To prevent brain damage, hypothermia therapy works to slow the spread of damage between brain ...
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  • How To Find Out If Your Doctor Has Any Malpractice History

    These days, many of us are aware of the dangers that exist within the healthcare industry and no longer believe doctors and other medical staff to be unfailing individuals. In fact, medical errors are quite common. According to the American Medical Association, 60 percent of doctors over the age of 55 have been sued at least once. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) stated that ...
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  • The Problem of Misdiagnosis in the United States

    One of the biggest problems in the medical industry is the possibility of errors on behalf of medical professionals. In fact, there have been recent reports that medical errors are now the third leading cause of death in the country, resulting in more than 250,000 deaths each year. When it comes to medical errors, however, the general public may not be aware of all the ways they can occur and how ...
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  • Medical Errors are the Third Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

    When you go to the hospital, you expect to be treated with the utmost care. After all, this is where you go when you are hurt, feeling ill, or dealing with any other kind of condition, and the people taking care of you are supposed to be licensed and trained. What happens, however, when this isn’t the case and the trip to the hospital causes more harm than it does good? This is referred to as ...
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  • Simon Law Firm Attorneys Secure $17.6 Million Verdict

    On June 28, 2016, attorneys John Simon and Tim Cronin of The Simon Law Firm, P.C., secured a $17.6 million verdict for their client Brian Koon and his wife. Koon was prescribed over 37,000 painkillers between 2008 and 2012 – an amount that dramatically exceeds the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommended levels. At the time, Koon was under the primary care of Dr. Henry D. ...
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  • Misdiagnosed CIDP with IVIg treatments

    Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) is a rare neurological disorder that causes impaired function and progressive weakening of the arms and legs. These symptoms are the result of damage to the myelin sheath of the peripheral nerves. CIDP is closely related to Guillain-Barre syndrome and requires immediate medical attention. See a doctor immediately if you have noticed any of ...
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  • The Estate of Joseph Baldwin v. National Healthcare of Mt. Vernon, Inc., d/b/a Crossroads Community Hospital

    Overview: Sixty-two year old Joe Baldwin woke up on Saturday with acute onset of severe chest and abdominal pain. He was taken by his wife to the Emergency Department at Crossroads Community Hospital in Mt. Vernon, Illinois and was assessed by an emergency medicine physician. A CT Scan of the chest revealed what appeared to be pneumonia. Mr. Baldwin was admitted to the Crossroads Intensive Care ...
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  • David Smith v. Dr. Sporleder and Associated Family Physicians

    Overview: A Cole County jury awarded David Smith $1.02 million for his claims against Dr. Patrick Sporleder and his Jefferson City, Missouri practice. Mr. Smith alleged that Dr. Sporleder failed to inform him of abnormal kidney function results, failed to follow up on these results and failed to refer Mr. Smith to a specialist. As a result of these failures, Mr. Smith's undiagnosed kidney disease ...
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  • Moton v. Anesthesia Partners, Ltd.

    Overview: Robert Moton, Sr. died after undergoing an unsuccessful elective thoracotomy to remove a benign tumor from his right lung, leading to a malpractice suit by his family. Moton's oxygen levels had dropped dramatically and he went into cardiac arrest. His family settled their St. Louis City medical malpractice suit with the anesthesiologist's practice for $400,000 after six trial days. The ...
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  • Plaintiff wins Mesh Injury Case Against Boston Scientific

    On Monday September 8th a Texas jury reached a verdict of $73.5 million in the favor of Martha Salazar who suffered serious injuries from her Boston Scientific transvaginal mesh device, Obtryx. Salazar v. Boston Scientific The decision breaks down as follows: Physical pain and mental anguish in the past. $1.5 million Physical pain mental anguish in the future - $10 million Physical impairment in ...
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  • A pelvic mesh trial reaches a $3.27 million dollar verdict against Ethicon

    An east coast jury recently awarded $3.27 million to a woman who underwent surgery to remove a pelvic mesh manufactured by Johnson & Johnson - Ethicon. The jury awarded compensatory damages based on claims of failure to warn, design defect, pain and suffering, past medical expenses and for her husband's loss of consortium. If you have, or have had, a pelvic mesh implant and have questions, call ...
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