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  • Boiler Explosion at St. Louis Factory Kills 3, Injures at Least 1 More

    A boiler explosion at a factory in the Soulard industrial area of St. Louis killed three victims and critically injured another Monday morning. According to authorities, the incident occurred shortly after 7:30 a.m. on April 4, at the Loy-Lange Box Company. The force of the explosion caused the boiler to shoot through the roof of the building traveling over 500 feet and then crash into neighboring ...
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  • Proposal approved to help odor problems at Campbell County landfill in Rustburg, Virginia

    The News and Advance reports the Region 2000 Services Authority has approved a new system to mitigate the off-site odors that have been affecting residents. We recently blogged about this proposal. Regardless of these efforts, this will not compensate residents for the loss of use and enjoyment of their properties they have already endured. While I do not currently represent anyone involved with ...
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  • Action taken by Shawnee, Kansas officials and Johnson County Landfill

    We previously blogged about noxious odors from the Johnson County Landfill affecting Shawnee, Kansas residents. The Shawnee Dispatch now reports numerous changes have been implemented by city officials and the Johnson County Landfill to remedy the odors. Complaints had reached unprecedented numbers in the latter half of 2015. Since February, when the landfill’s owner Waste Management installed a ...
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  • Houston, Texas plant denying violations despite local residents' complaints and health inspector confirmation

    ABC 13 Eyewitness News reports Heritage Creek residents in northwest Houston, Texas have been complaining about an obnoxious odor emanating from the Goodman Manufacturing Plant over the last year onto their properties. Local resident Peter Cirrone stated when it gets smoky and odorous they have to put their shirts over their mouths and go inside their homes. Homeowner Heather Browne described the ...
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  • Officials attempt to fix odor problem in Orange County, Florida

    We previously blogged residents in Orange County, Fla., have been complaining about foul odors on their properties since March, 2005. Fox 35 now reports the managers recently met with about 50 residents to update them on their efforts to control the odors. Unfortunately they also stated they can’t guarantee their efforts will control the odors. While I currently do not represent anyone at this ...
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  • City of Le Seuer, Minnesota hires firm to conduct odor monitoring

    We previously blogged about the city of Le Sueur looking into ways to monitor noxious odors as a result if increased complaints from residents. The Le Sueur News-Herald now reports the Le Seuer City Council is contacting an engineering firm in the Twin Cities to test and monitor the town’s odors – along with determining the source of the odors. While I do not currently represent anyone involved ...
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  • Whitewater, Colorado residents concerned about current and future pond odors

    The Daily Sentinel reports Whitewater, Colo., residents are calling for an end to foul odors from two evaporation ponds at the Deer Creek wastewater treatment facility. Resident Rhea Garvey said the odors can be detected outside the Deer Creek property lines, in violation of the company’s conditional-use permit. Whitewater residents also dispute the odors are coming from other nearby sources, such ...
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  • Residents feel complaints about odors from the Clark Floyd County Landfill in Indiana fall on deaf ears

    We recently blogged neighbors near a landfill in Borden, Ind., started complaining the landfill odors on their properties are distressing enough to cause burning eyes, noses and throats. They believe the odors started after a 2012 vertical expansion of the site. WDRB.com now reports the Indiana DEM, along with county officials and the landfill are tracking complaints and looking for the cause of ...
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  • Solid waste authority reviews efforts to reduce odor in Campbell County, Virginia

    The News Advance reports despite increased spending to control odors from the Livestock Road Regional Landfill, the odor problem remains. The article discusses a report from SCS Engineering which states the level of hydrogen sulfide in the air is “a third of Environmental Protection Agency limits.” What the article does not say is rotten egg odors from hydrogen sulfide have a low odor threshold. ...
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  • Gloucester County, New Jersey residents overwhelmed by nauseating landfill odors

    The Daily Press reports residents of Gloucester County, New Jersey have been complaining constantly of the odors from the Middle Peninsula Landfill and Recycling Center. The nauseating odors have been lingering for months, allegedly caused by recent waste containing a higher level of sulfate. The complaints of a “rotten egg” smell has prompted the Board of Supervisors to request a plan of action ...
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  • Proposal to halt Porter Ranch gas leak garnering support

    We have been following the developments of the gas leak at the Aliso Canyon Storage Facility near Porter Ranch, Calif. The Los Angeles Daily News now reports hundreds of people attended an all-day hearing on Saturday, January 9, in support of a proposed stipulated order of abatement being considered by the South Coast Air Quality Management District Hearing Board. The proposed order would require ...
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  • Legislation to be introduced to address odors affecting residents in Rustburg, Virginia

    We previously blogged residents organized to ensure their concerns were heard about the malodors coming from the Region 2000 landfill in Campbell County, Va. Now, The News & Advance reports as a result of the loud call from residents, Del. Matt Fariss intends to introduce legislation related to landfills in residential neighborhoods. Residents have been complaining about an overwhelming odor ...
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  • Civil Rights lawsuit filed against the EPA for environmental racism

    According to the Atlanta Black Star , the environmental advocacy group Earthjustice filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), representing residents in predominately black neighborhoods in Flint, Mich., Pittsburgh, Calif., Beaumont, Texas, and Chaves County, New Mexico. The lawsuit claims that the residents' civil rights were violated when the EPA ignored complaints from ...
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  • Porter Ranch, California residents facing relocation due to gas leak

    NBC Southern California has reported a faulty natural gas storage well at Southern California Gas Company is causing fumes and odors to invade neighboring Porter Ranch residences. The leak was discovered on October 23, 2015, at an Aliso Canyon storage facility near Northridge, and was later reported to the county five days later. The leak could take months to repair, but the gas company claims ...
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  • Composting facility under scrutiny in Wantage, New Jersey

    KWWL News of St. Waterloo, IA, now reports the composting facility owned by Clark Road Realty, LLC, and operated by RER Recycling of Riverdale is causing unpleasant odors for residents and potentially operating outside of the acreage allowed under its current site plan.
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  • Deadline implemented for fertilizer plant in North Bend, Oregon to cease nuisance odors

    We have previously blogged about the declared odor nuisance occurring at Rapid Growth Nutrients in North Bend, Ore., where residents have been complaining of foul odors emanating from the organic fertilizer plant. The World is now reporting that the North Bend City Council has given Rapid Growth Nutrients a deadline of 90 days to implement substantive modifications to the facility that is ...
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  • Odors from Middle Point Landfill in Murfreesboro, Tennessee are making residents sick

    The Daily News Journal is reporting that activists, including Statewide Organizing for Community eMpowerment (SOCM) , Bring Urban Recycling to Nashville Today! (BURNT) and the Sierra Club Tennessee Chapter have been meeting with residents to encourage them to sway state regulators to stop the Republic owned landfill from polluting the air and water nearby. The odors have been so awful at ...
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  • Odors from North Bend, Oregon organic fertilizer plant declared a nuisance

    We previously blogged that neighbors had been complaining for more than 15 months about the odors emanating from Rapid Grow Nutrients in North Bend, Oregon. The Coos Bay World is now reporting the North Bend City Council unanimously declared the facility to be a nuisance. The City Council felt the organic fertilizer manufacturer had been given ample time to rectify the problem, but nearby ...
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  • Jury returns verdict in favor of residents against the Tunnel Hill Landfill in Perry County, Ohio

    Todd Hageman of The Simon Law Firm, P.C. along with Zak Johnson of Zakariah Johnson, PLLC and Tom Theado of Gary, Naegele and Theado, prevailed in a seven day trial as to liability on behalf of 121 residents against the owner and operator of the Tunnell Hill Landfill. The jury rendered its verdict on July 28, 2015 that the landfill was operated in a negligent manner. The landfill is located in ...
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  • Residents plagued by stench from the Layon Landfill in Inarajan, Guam

    As reported by the Pacific Daily News , partially treated human waste is a contributing factor to the odors plaguing residents in Inarajan, Guam. Residents started complaining about noxious odors not long after the landfill opened on September 1, 2011. Historically, residents complained for years about the nearby Ordot dump, which was closed by order of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ...
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  • Something smells fishy to neighbors near Rapid Grow Nutrients fertilizer plant in North Bend, Oregon

    The World reports residents near Rapid Grow Nutrients fertilizer plant in North Bend, Oregon have been forced to endure the stench of rotten materials used for manufacturing fertilizer. Rapid Grow Nutrients uses fish, fish by-products and other ocean sources to create their fertilizer. During the past 15 months, neighbors have been complaining of a pungent stench coming from the plant. The North ...
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  • Residents suffering rotten egg odors from the Orange County Landfill in Avalon Park, Florida

    The Orlando Sentinel and ClickOrlando.com are reporting that residents in Avalon Park, FL, are tired of the smell emitting from the Orange County Landfill, located on Young Pine Road near State Road 417. Nearby residents have compared the stench of the landfill to "bad eggs, dead animals, poop and sewage." After meeting with county leaders on Wednesday evening, residents were told the county would ...
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  • Residents continue to complain about odors coming from The Fall River Landfill in Fall River, Massachusetts

    We previously blogged that the Fall River Landfill was fined nearly $250,000 for excess emissions of sulfur dioxide, soon after it was fined $65,546 for excess emissions of hydrogen sulfide. Turnto10.com is now reporting that residents are continuing to complain about odors. Mike Carpenter and Mike Worsley are among residents who are saying that the odors from the Republic Services owned landfill ...
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  • MAX Environmental fined $70K by DEP for odors from landfill in Yukon, Pennsylvania

    TribLive is reporting that the fine comes after odor violations cited by DEP in August, 2013, April, 2014 and September, 2014. However inspectors reported smelling odors outside of the landfill boundaries as recent as March 25, 2015. We are currently representing over 150 residents in the Rostraver Township area in Westmoreland County, in an odor nuisance lawsuit against the Tervita Landfill. We ...
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  • Composting facility in Dubuque County, Iowa looking for solution to odor issues

    THONLINE is reporting that Midwest Organic Solutions, a composting facility, has identified solutions to the odor problems plaguing residents, but want assurances they won't be punished before the solutions take effect. Residents, including a County Supervisor, have described the odors as "drop-you-to-your-knees."
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