We recently blogged neighbors near a landfill in Borden, Ind., started complaining the landfill odors on their properties are distressing enough to cause burning eyes, noses and throats. They believe the odors started after a 2012 vertical expansion of the site. WDRB.com now reports the Indiana DEM, along with county officials and the landfill are tracking complaints and looking for the cause of the problem; however, residents feel their complaints are falling on deaf ears. Additionally, they have not received the community meeting they were promised. Instead, county officials wish to conduct smaller meetings with five or six residents in each meeting.

The president of the landfill, Robert Lee, admits he also smells the odor. The Clark County Commissioner President Jack Coffman stated, “Odors are a hard thing to track. It’s not like how you can follow a stream of water or watch smoke burning from a building or things like that.” At The Simon Law Firm, P.C. we are experienced in handling these issues for our clients.

While I do not currently represent anyone involved with this site, I have represented more than 2,000 similarly situated people around the country in various environmental litigation cases regarding odor nuisance. To find out if The Simon Law Firm, P.C. can help with a landfill litigation case, contact Todd Hageman.