News Channel 7 of Panama City, Fla., reports residents are concerned about noxious odors on their properties. They believe they stem from the nearby abandoned Coyote Landfill, or the neighboring WastePro Landfill – where a subterranean landfill fire has been burning since July, 2015. The landfills are not lined and both exist under the water table. As such, residents are also concerned about groundwater contamination as the Department of Environmental Protection reports show high levels of chemicals that are being discharged into the groundwater.

While I currently do not represent anyone at this site, I previously represented individuals in Freeport, Fla., in an odor nuisance case against the Coyote Freeport Landfill. Florida attorney Zak Johnson and I are currently representing more than 300 residents in Pensacola, Fla., in an odor nuisance suit against the Rolling Hills Landfill. I have represented more than 2,000 similarly situated people around the country in various odor nuisance and landfill litigation. To find out how The Simon Law Firm, P.C. can help contact environmental attorney Todd Hageman.