Representing Plaintiff against HTC and Sony Ericsson for infringement of U.S. Patent Nos. 7,076,275 "Method and System for Single-Step Enablement of Telephony Functionality for a Portable Computer System;" 6,950,645 "Power Conserving Intuitive Device Discovery Technique in a Bluetooth Environment;" 7,506,064 "Handheld Computer System that Attempts to Establish an Alternative Network Link Upon Failing to Establish a Requested Network Link;" 7,533,342 "System and Method of a Personal Computer Device Providing Telephone Capability;" 7,693,949 "Data Exchange Between a Handheld Device and Another Computer System Using an Exchange Manager Via Synchronization" 6,760,728 "Method and Apparatus for Importing and Exporting Directory and Calendar Information To and From Personal Information Management Applications;" 40,459 "Method and Apparatus for Communicating Information Over Low Bandwidth Communications Networks;" 6,317,781 "Wireless Communication Device with Markup Language Based Machine Interface" and 6,470,381 "Wireless Communication Device with Markup Language Based Machine Interface." Confidential resolution reached with Nokia, Kyocera and T-Mobile. Case is currently pending against the remaining Defendants in the Eastern District of Texas.
Anthony G. Simon