We previously blogged that the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management determined that the odors affecting residents come from the Johnston Landfill, and have ordered RIRR to stop the smell from emanating beyond its property line. Now, turnto10.com is reporting that more and more residents are coming forward to complain about the odors affecting them in their neighborhoods. Brenda Fellela, of Johnston, said that "It smells like it in my house, it's so bad. And you open the door, it's worse." Ernie Adamo, of Johnston, said, "I wake up with headaches in the morning. How would you like to wake up with a headache every morning? It's not nice."

As we have stated before, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) has a low odor threshold and smells like rotten eggs. This means that while H2S concentrations may not be high enough to be considered an immediate health risk by OSHA or workplace standards the concentrations may be strong enough to cause an annoying rotten egg like smell on surrounding properties or even physical symptoms such as watery burning eyes, throat irritation or coughing.

If your property and family are being impacted by landfill gas and odor contact environmental lawyer Todd Hageman.