VTDigger.org is reporting that the odors in neighborhoods near the Moretown Landifll in Moretown, Vermont have been so strong, that residents have organized an activist group called Citizens for Landfill Environmental Accountability and Responsibility (CLEAR) to demand that the landfill get the off-site odors under control. Testing has been done that has determined that the gas coming from the landfill is a mixture of methane, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide has a low odor threshold, meaning it can be smelled in very small amounts, and has the odor of rotten eggs. Decomposing sheetrock can be a source of hydrogen sulfide. A resident told the publication last year that the landfill took in tons of construction debris following Tropical Storm Irene. Landfills have the capability to restrict odors to the site, and residents have the right to enjoy their own properties free of landfill odors.

We are closely watching this situation. Todd Hageman, along with Vermont attorney Anthony Roisman and Vermont Law School graduate Zak Johnson, represent individuals across the county who are impacted by off-gassing landfills. To find out if The Simon Law Firm can help with an environmental lawsuit, contact environmental attorney Todd Hageman.