According to Suzie Canales of Citizens for Environmental Justice, contamination from certain oil refineries is contaminating the groundwater and even the air in nearby homes, making residents sick. However, is reporting that compared to a 2006 map, a recent report showing a map dated in 2009 shows increased pollution. TCEQ officials claim that the higher levels are good because it shows that wells surrounding the refineries are catching the pollutants. Ms. Canales does not buy that excuse and plans to work with the EPA to come up with a plan to hold the refineries accountable.

The refineries involved include Citgo, Flint Hills and Valero. We previously blogged that Citgo plead guilty in failing to maintain storm water tanks and adequate storm water storage capacity at its Sulphur, Louisiana refinery. They were filed $13 Million dollars, which was the largest fine ever for a criminal misdemeanor of the Clean Water Act.

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