We have been blogging about the Countryside Landfill in Grayslake, Illinois, and the concerned families affected by persistent odors. Residents believe that instead of addressing pollution problems, the landfill operators are trying to get their permit changed to allow a higher emission rate.

The News-Sun is reporting that 75 residents recently attended a meeting with IEPA officials about Waste Management's request to increased the allowed level of hydrogen sulfide emissions. Homeowner Kimberly Thoede addressed the meeting that odor problems have been continuing since 2008, and the IEPA has data showing that the landfill has been out of compliance with current regulations for that long. City officials are supporting the denial of the request to change the permit.

Low levels of hydrogen sulfide, that are below the safe limits, can cause throat and eye irritation, dizziness and nausea and smell so bad that one can not even enjoy their own home. While hydrogen sulfide is a common landfill waste, landfill operators should be able to keep the amount seeping away from the landfill in control.

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