There are recent developments regarding a landfill about which we have previously blogged. The Republican reports that residents are addressing the possible expansion of the South Hadley Landfill, and the dust and excessive noise from the trucks taking debris to the landfill. There have been odor complaints as well, but as we earlier blogged, Mass DEP had been involved with working with the landfill mitigate that as well. Even if a landfill came before the neighborhood, technology exists to mitigate odors outside of the landfill and the landfill still has a duty to implement whatever is needed in order to do that.

While I do not currently represent anyone in South Hadley, Massachusetts, we currently represent hundreds of similarly situated people across the country, including many families in Newburyport, Massachusetts in a lawsuit against the owners of the Crow Lane Landfill. To find out if The Simon Law Firm can help with an environmental lawsuit, contact Todd Hageman. Consultations are free of charge