KMOV News4 is reporting that residents living near the Republic Services, Inc. landfill in Bridgeton, Missouri have been complaining about a terrible odor in their neighborhoods that is burning their eyes and causing headaches. The Pattonville Fire Department has been investigating and is concerned about the 3-fold temperature increase over the past three months. The landfill took in household waste, but years ago jet fuel had been dumped there. What is even more concerning, is that while the heat and vapors are growing and moving southwest, there is radioactive waste on the north end of the landfill, and there is nothing to act as a barrier. According to The Post Dispatch, the problems with the landfill began in January, 2011.

The Post also reports that Republic Services claims that their work to upgrade the gas management system is what has caused there to be more odor than usual at the landfill that is currently inactive. In our experience, odors can be controlled during a landfill upgrade.

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