Already in the midst of a safety crisis regarding sudden acceleration problems, Toyota is now facing allegations that its 2010 Lexus GX 460 sport-utility vehicle is not designed to sufficiently reduce chances of a rollover, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Consumer Reports magazine issued a rare don't buy recommendation for the new model. This designation has not been applied to any vehicle since the 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Ltd. The recommendation was based on field tests in which four of the magazine's engineers detected a safety risk. A statement released by Consumer Reports explains that its concerns for rollover are heightened when a vehicle is tall and has a high center of gravity, as with the GX-460.

During testing, it was discovered that the Lexus SUV "slid out until the vehicle was almost sideways before the electronic stability control system was able to regain control." The electronic stability control system is the mechanism responsible for preventing vehicles from sliding out during a turn, which can lead to rollovers. Consumer Reports states that "No other in recent years slid out as far as the GX 460."

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