In October, 2012, we blogged about the IESI Bethleham Landfill, and a meeting with residents, in which the landfill operators informed residents that "just because someone can smell an odor doesn't mean there's a violation. ... Of course you can smell an odor [near a landfill], it's rotting garbage." We discussed how we disagree with that statement, because a landfill should not be operated in a manner which substantially interferes with some else’s use and enjoyment of their property. If a landfill is operated properly you should not smell rotting garbage while at your home just because your house happens to be located in the vicinity of a landfill.

According to a February 10, 2014 article in The Express-Times, residents continue to suffer from off-site odors that come from the gas to electricity plant that is located on the landfill property. There is also confusion for residents because the procedure Lower Saucon Township has in place to complain about odors has to do with the landfill, and not the gas to energy plant.

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