Members of LEAN, along with Technical Advisor Wilma Subra, recently published a paper in Marine Pollution Bulletin about the extent of hydrogen carbon contamination after the BP Oil Disaster. Though the spill happened in April 20, 2010, and by November, 2010, many of the fisheries were re-opened. However, much of the area has yet to be reopened for fisheries, which has made it difficult for those who depend on fishing for their livelihood.

We have previously blogged about Dr. Subra's work. In 2012, a salt cavern was breached and failed, that contained crude oil and natural gas. It was believed that this breach led to multiple odor complaints and symptoms to surrounding residents. In 2009, Dr. Subra found dangerous levels of the neurotoxins methyl Pyridine and dimethyl pyridine in residential areas surrounding natural gas production facilities in Denton, Texas.