Even though BP no longer operates an oil refinery in the small Kansas town of Neodesha, it left behind a legacy of pollution and groundwater contamination, a massive lawsuit claims. Filed by the city of Neodesha, the suit alleges breach of contract, fraud and that the oil giant is responsible for spills that have contaminated 70 percent of the city. According to the Associated Press, the plaintiffs are asking for $279 million to cover cleanup costs, $52 million for property damage, $92 million for diminished property values and punitive damages. John Edgar, an attorney representing the plaintiffs in the case, told the Associated Press, “The case involves the catastrophic contamination of a small town by the oil giant BP Corp. and its predecessors. We have had their promised cleanup for 24 years and finally filed suit, and in discovery realized they had no intention of cleaning it up.”The case went to trial in August. It is not expected to conclude for several more weeks. We will track the story as it develops.