In July, 2009, we blogged about APAC-Kansas owned landfill in Overland Park, Kansas. Over 6000 residents live near the landfill and have complained about stinky odors of rotten eggs. Though state officials found through a federal study that levels not high enough to cause serious health concerns, even low levels can produce a smell so bad to affect the enjoyment of one’s own home.

At the time, state environmental regulators were proposing to close and cap the landfill. The owner of the landfill was wanting to keep the landfill open and possibly expand. The Kansas City Star is now reporting that the State is now proposing to keep the landfill open and to redefine the boundaries from 50 acres to 82 acres. It seems their reasoning is that the levels have been low enough to not be technically a public health concern. As I said before, the levels do not have to be high, or even a public health concern, in order to cause a nuisance and affect one’s quality of life.