The driver of a semi-truck involved in a fatal accident in eastern Kentucky has been charged with reckless homicide by Kentucky State Police, the Appalachian News Express reports.

The driver, Arthur Davis, was traveling on U.S. 460, near Pikeville, Ky., when his brakes failed as he approached the "T" intersection of U.S. 460 and Kentucky State Highway 1499. Davis crossed over into the oncoming traffic lane and struck two road workers before finally coming to a stop. The workers were Asplundh workers putting up signage to warn of the tree-trimming operations that lay ahead.

Mr. Davis will be charged with reckless homicide because he had knowledge that his vehicle was not performing properly, according to Kentucky State Police. KSP states that Mr. Davis requested information from other drivers, via CB-radio, concerning any "bad hills" on his route, explaining that his brakes were not in good condition. Further investigation by a KSP accident reconstructionist revealed that only three of the ten brakes on the truck were working properly. Five of the brakes were not working at all.

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