product liabilityProduct liability typically refers to a defective or dangerous product that is responsible for causing harm to a consumer or is unreasonably dangerous even when put to its anticipated use. This type of case involves what is known as the chain of distribution, starting from the product’s manufacturer to the retailer that puts it on their shelves for customers to purchase. As such, one or even all parties in the chain may potentially be liable for a defective, injury-causing product.

If the manufacturing of a defective product involved more than one manufacturer, it is possible that both may be legally liable. For example, if the defective part in a product came from another manufacturer and was sold to the manufacturer of the whole product that includes the defective part, they may both be held responsible.

The retailer of the product may also be held liable for selling you the product, even though they did not manufacture it. It is not necessary for you to have been the buyer of the product in order for you to sue the retailer. If someone purchased a defective product for you, you used it and suffered an injury from it, you may still name them as a defendant.

Additionally, between manufacturer and retailer exists a middleman, or a wholesaler, from which the retailer procures the product. They may also be named as a defendant when you file for a lawsuit. Any one of these, or all, could be liable. In fact, it is more beneficial for you to identify as many liable parties as possible since it will better ensure that at least one will be able to pay out even if not all are able to.

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