reports that a May 27 hearing occurred with officials from Hamilton County and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency regarding the new air emission levels at the Rumpke Sanitary Landfill in Colerain Township.

Rumpke wants to install a thermal oxidizer which is used at landfill gas recovery plants to control air pollution by cleaning gases at high temperatures before releasing the gases into the atmosphere. The thermal oxidizer will release a higher volume of exhaust through the unit into the atmosphere. The company needs to raise the permissible levels because the oxidizer handles more gas.

Residents asked if the ceiling on what’s permissible must be raised and what the current emission levels are compared to current limits. OEPA and county officials said they didn’t have that information available at the hearing.

“I think we need to know actual versus allowable,” Nancy Lindemood, who lives west of the landfill, said. “I am not convinced allowing a higher level of emissions is necessary.”