MPN Now is reporting from Canandaigua, New York that residents affected by noxious off-site odors from the Ontario Landfill are being contacted by a consultant from Consulting for Health, Air, Nature & A Greener Environment, LLC (CHANGE) to take a survey, which was arranged by the city of Geneva. Residents and members of Finger Lakes Zero Waste Coalition are leery about the survey. Resident and Zero Waste member Katie Bennett Roll has pegged the survey as a public relations ploy because of the personal questions that the survey asks, such as what kind of hairspray or cleaning products do the residents use, saying that it has nothing to do with the odors coming from the dump, and we agree. Geneva City Supervisor Charlie Evangelista has gone on the record regarding the odors to say that "Residents are affected. It is definitely landfill-related. It needs to be addressed." We informed you about this in March, 2012.

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