On February 22, we blogged that the EPA was going to evaluate the A&L Salvage Landfill in Lisbon, Ohio, which has had a long history of subsurface fires and odor nuisances to neighborhoods near the landfill. Residents have been complaining for quite some time of nausea and headache symptoms.

The Review is reporting that The Ohio Attorney General's office has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the OEPA against the landfill owners which include A&E Salvage, Amato Properties, LLC, Jack Amato, Jeffrey Aldrich and the Amato Family Trust of East Liverpool. The complaint asks the Court to order A&L Salvage to cover the landfill waste with a foot of soil within the next 6 weeks. The OEPA recommends this action to put an end to the hydrogen sulfide odors.

According to The Review article, the time period of the Complaint is from 2005 to present. Further, monitors put at nearby residences have recorded hydrogen sulfide levels as high as 110 parts per billion, well above the 70 parts per billion threshold.

We are watching this situation closely. While we do not represent anyone who lives near the A&L Salvage landfill site, we represent hundreds of similarly situated people in the United States in various landfill pollution litigation. To find out if The Simon Law Firm can help with an environmental contamination lawsuit, contact environmental lawyer Todd Hageman.