According to, U.S. lawmakers are asking why there has not been an Avandia recall issued yet, given the diabetes drug's apparent safety problems. They are also asking how a drug that some experts estimate has caused as many as 200,000 heart attacks got on the market in the first place.

At a House Agriculture Appropriations subcommittee hearing last week, representatives and senators from both sides of the aisle expressed dismay and concern that the FDA has not recalled Avandia, given a number of reports, studies and even concerns from FDA officials that the drug could be responsible for tens of thousands of heart attacks and deaths. Read the testimonies of Senator Chuck Grassley here and Representative Rosa L. DeLauro here who have been calling for Avandia to be pulled from the market.

We handle Avandia cases and are still accepting new cases. If you or a family member took Avandia and you believe may have suffered a heart attack or death, please contact the head of the pharmaceutical practice area, Todd Hageman.