Ohio Citizen Action posted the Odor Complaint Hotline Analysis from the Hamilton County, Ohio Public Health Department. According to the report, the number of resident complaints about the landfill odors had gone up in 2009, when compared to 2008. The number of complaints were more than double of 2007. A subsurface fire in March, 2010 led to 47 landfill odor complaints in just one day.

We had previously blogged that despite the landfill fire that has been burning since August 2009, Rumpke wants to expand the landfill. Ohio Citizen Action is further reporting that The Ohio EPA will be holding a public meeting on another request from Rumpke to change its air permit.

We will keep an eye on this for developments. While we do not represent anyone who lives near the Rumpke Sanitary Landfill site, we represent hundreds of similarly situated people in the United States in various landfill pollution litigation. To find out if The Simon Law Firm can help with a landfill problem, contact environmental lawyer Todd Hageman.