Residents living on Coopertown Road near the Russellville landfill in Kentucky smell rotten eggs. That smell – as many of our current clients and blog readers know – usually signals the presence of hydrogen sulfide. According to the News-Democrat & Leader, residents like Barry Smotherman have decided to organize. Smotherman has lived on Coopertown road for 16 years and told the newspaper that the bad smell burns his eyes and sickens his stomach. The residents are upset not only about the smell, but also sludge, dirty roads and dirty mailboxes they associate with the dump.

The landfill was established in 1973 and is currently owned by Waste Management. The community relations director for Waste Management told the News-Democrat & Leader that it employs a number of practices designed to reduce or eliminate odors. While I don't represent any of the citizens living near the Russellville landfill, the issues are very similar to the ones faced by residents I do represent who have legal claims against landfills. To find out if The Simon Law Firm can help you in a toxic landfill case, contact Todd Hageman toll free or via e-mail.