www.Aboutlawsuits.com and The Financial Times Limited report that David Graham, a researcher at the US regulatory agency, concluded in a draft Avandia study that among 227,000 diabetics over 65 years of age in the 10 years prior June 2009 who took Avandia had a 27 per cent greater risk of stroke, 25 per cent greater risk of heart failure and 13 per cent higher risk of death than those taking rival drug Actos.

The study further states "given that 62% of [Avandia] use has been in patients below age 65, the actual national impact is probably 100,000 or more," the researchers concluded.

The Financial Times Limited concludes that the new study may strengthen the case of thousands of patients preparing litigation against GSK claiming compensation for side effects, and reopen the debate on whether to cancel a clinical trial called Tide, that the FDA requested following the 2007 debate on Avandia, designed to study the relative risks of the drug against Actos.

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