Reuters states that GlaxoSmithKline Plc has settled more lawsuits brought by patients alleging its Avandia diabetes drug caused heart attacks.

The company said on Tuesday that terms of the settlement remained confidential. It declined to specify how many claimants were involved. “We can confirm that the case that was scheduled for the first trial in state court in Philadelphia, for June 1, 2010, has been settled,” company spokeswoman Claire Brough said in an emailed statement.

“The next case scheduled for trial is in that court and is scheduled for October 2010. GSK has not settled the multi-district litigation pending in federal court.” Worries about liability claims have spiked up since February, when two U.S. Senators published a highly critical report on Avandia. A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel will consider possible further restrictions on the drug in July. Glaxo has consistently defended the safety record of Avandia and says it acted properly in communicating with regulators and physicians about the medicine’s potential cardiovascular risks.