The Roxbury Register is reporting that the strong odors that residents have been experiencing in Roxbury Township, that are traced back to the Fenimore Landfill, have officials looking into what they can do. Officials have reported that they have received numerous complaints from residents and businesses over the last 5 weeks, and that the odors only occur at night.

The head of Strategic Environmental Partners previously told the township that only approved construction debris is being dumped at the site. He also comments about the presence of methane in landfills. Methane is a common presence of landfills, but in the amounts typically found in landfills, it is odorless, and at dangerously high levels will have a sweet smell. However, the breakdown of the gypsum that is typically found in construction debris will cause the release of hydrogen sulfide, which at very low levels, will have a horrible smell like rotten eggs. All landfills have the capability of containing the odors to the landfill only. Further, if the owner of property parcel A is creating unreasonable interference with the ability of the owners of surrounding property parcels B, C, D, E and F to enjoy their own property, in this case allegedly by generating these odors, then that would constitute a nuisance. People have the right to enjoy their own property, free of odor nuisance caused by another property.